IMS Health Acquires Mercurial, extending Business Intelligence capability for the Australian market

SYDNEY, June 2nd, 2015 – IMS Health has acquired Mercurial, a leading Cloud Business Intelligence provider of information, technology and services in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Contact: Tor Constantino Media Relations +1.484.567.6732 Founded in 2006, Mercurial provides services specialising in sales and marketing effectiveness, performance management and cloud-based business intelligence to a […]

Huge growth rebound on PBS

  Pharma in Focus & Mercurial look at the huge growth rebound on PBS number, processed by Medicare. This time last year, most of the top 20 originators were in growth decline according to PBS number , but the latest PBS numbers show a startling 12 month turnaround. For more on this article click here.   Analytics for this pharma […]

Who’s growing fastest on the PBS?

Pharma in Focus & Mercurial look at who’s growing fastest on the PBS. At the end of September 2015, there are 2 companies that stood out among the top PBS earners for growth that outpaces the average, thanks to highly successful drug launches in 2012 and 2013. For more on this article click here.   Analytics for this pharma in […]

Top 20 brands, latest PBS roundup

Top 20 leading Brands

Pharma in Focus & Mercurial reports on some interesting trends among the top 20 PBS products for the quarter of September 30. Figures released by the PBS show that Humira’s (adalimumab) dominance continues, while Eylea (afibercept) and Lucentis (ranibizumab) are neck and neck in second and third spot respectively. For more on this article click here.   Analytics […]

Mercurial rates highest for customer satisfaction!

  In a recent independent survey conducted across the Australian pharmaceutical industry, Mercurial rated highest for overall satisfaction, with a score of 86. We are proud to have received this feedback for which we would like to extend our thanks to all our clients. Our commitment  is to provide our clients with quality service, best practice analytics and mobile […]

Mercurial welcomes Robin England to the team!

  Robin England – Business Consultant at Mercurial  With the continued growth of Mercurial, Robin is the latest talent acquisition to join the Mercurial team. With more than 15 years pharmaceutical industry experience, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Robin has joined Mercurial from MSD where he held the position of […]

Billion dollar surge in PBS YTD

Pharma in Focus & Mercurial reports on a turnaround in PBS spending growth since the slow down in July. The latest numbers for August show a significant higher flow of dollars is continuing. For more on this article click here. Analytics for these pharma in focus stories were generated using MiPortal, Mercurial’s cloud-based business intelligence & analytics platform. Click here […]

Pharmaceutical Industry data: is it worth the price?

  At least 14 companies offer wholesale data to the Australian pharmaceutical industry with some pharmacos investing seven figure sums annually on their data purchases. Data suppliers are offering pharmaceutical industry data ranging from detail on healthcare professional script-writing habits to product sales, PBS reimbursement numbers and audits of promotional activity in what has become […]

PBS Snapshot – Cancer generics to suffer in October

Pharma in Focus & Mercurial report PBS price cuts due in October will attack one of the last remaining areas in which generic companies have been able to increase their income from the PBS over the last year: cancer drugs. For more on this article click here. In more news, anti-epilepsy drug levetiractem, formerly UCB’s Keppra, is the fastest-growing […]

May PBS spend rejigs top ten

Pharma in Focus & Mercurial report PBS figures for May show changes in Aussie pharma’s top ten from last month as companies wrestle for spots towards the top and the tail of the group. For more on this article click here. Analytics for this pharma in focus story were generated using MiPortal, Mercurial’s cloud-based business intelligence & […]